BDA Northern Ireland warning to HSCB

Dentists need at least a 7 per cent increase to expense element to meet running costs

Evidence submitted to the Health and Social Care Board by the BDA in Northern Ireland argues that the soaring costs of providing high street dental services mean dentists need a minimum increase of 7 per cent to cover the expenses element of their fees for the latest pay round.

The association points to the impact of a poor pay award in 2010-11, the withdrawal of the Quality Improvement Scheme funding that contributed in part to the costs of decontamination, the increased costs of laboratory items, regulatory requirements, and the increasing pay and inflationary pressures for practices.

Peter Crooks, Chair Northern Ireland Dental Practice Committee said: “There are many demands on our dental services, including the fact that more people are retaining their teeth for longer, and there is a whole array of expenses associated with ensuring that premises, equipment, staff and the service itself are appropriate to meet these challenges.

“On top of these costs, dentists are stretched to the limit to find the funds to comply with the requirements on decontamination practice by the end of 2012.

“In submitting our evidence, the Health and Social Care Board cannot be in any doubt as to the true costs of providing patients with dentistry via the health service.”

Published: 5 May, 2011 at 14:57