Contamination inquiry demand

An independent public investigation has been demanded over an incident at an HSE dental clinic in Ennis, Co Clare, in which a drainpipe cleaner contaminated water being used during dental procedures on children.

A source close to the internal inquiry into the incident has told Ireland’s Dental: “This is an unreported scandal and it was only luck that prevented upwards of 40 children being permanently scarred.”

The drainpipe cleaner called ‘Red Streak’ had contaminated water being used during a number of dental procedures.

The HSE’s  report acknowledges “adverse localised symptoms ranging from mild burning sensation to blistering and ulceration of the mouth”.

A 37-page HSE report on what happened at the clinic published on 26 March, but not publicly released has been written off by the source, who asked not to be named, as a “complete whitewash”.

Now, local Independent Councillor Ann Norton wants an external investigation. “I have solid information, concrete information from the report and will now go and talk to the HSE.

“It is not acceptable that something so serious can be overlooked.

“The HSE will delay it but sooner or later they will have to release that report for open debate and they are trying not to do that,” she said.

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Published: 4 May, 2018 at 13:35