Long-lasting crowns made easy with DMG’s Luxacrown

Ideally suited for the elderly who do not want to invest in more expensive, longer-lasting restorations, patients with a limited budget and children requiring a space maintainer following tooth loss, DMG’s new LuxaCrown enables simple, quick and cost-effective chairside fabrication of long-lasting crowns. The result is an incredibly precision-fit, aesthetic and long-lasting restoration, which can be worn for up to five years. 

In addition to excellent flexural strength, it also possesses outstanding fracture toughness that ensures long-term stability of semi-permanent restorations. Very hard, with a Barcol hardness of 54, in-vitro studies have confirmed its high mechanical strength. Standardised chewing and wear simulations of masticatory behaviour with artificial aging verified a lifespan of up to five years for LuxaCrown.*

Its unique indication as a semi-permanent crown and bridge material with outstanding wear allows for a wide range of indications. It can be used to protect the remaining tooth as well as to restore the anatomical form and masticatory function. LuxaCrown is recommended, too, if long-term observation of treatment success is necessary, when bridging the gap for healing phases and in difficult restoration situations.

Automix delivery guarantees a quick, clean and productive application. Eight shade variations open up a variety of creative possibilities, even for the highest aesthetic demands.

TempoCem id, the ideal choice

DMG recently launched a temporary luting cement, which stands out by blending in!

The new TempoCem ID is a translucent, dual-cure composite luting cement for temporary luting of all kinds of temporary restorations. Invisible but detectable, it can be used for temporary and semi-permanent luting of temporary crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays; and temporary luting of temporary veneers. It is also ideal for luting implant-borne restorations.

Highly aesthetic, it is specifically formulated for optimal transparency so that it is invisible underneath a restoration and never impacts upon its shade. This makes it the ideal choice for posterior and anterior restorations. Its innovative formulation enables the clinician to easily detect excess cement, even below the gingival margin, and remove it in one piece.

TempoCem ID has a high bond strength, which is designed to prevent leakage, but still allows it to be removed easily. Peroxide, methyl methacrylate and eugenol-free, it flows and mixes easily for ideal handling and without sticking to instruments. It has an optimal consistency for solid and complete seating of the restoration.Radio-opaque, TempoCem ID is supplied in a pack with a 5ml Smartmix 4:1 syringe and 10 Smartmix Tips.

Perfect for long-lasting restorations using TempoCem ID enables clinicians to see their aesthetic worries vanish before their eyes!

*In vitro study of LuxaCrown; N. Albrecht, S. Duy, Germany , FEB 2016

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Published: 13 July, 2018 at 11:47