More students opting for alcohol-free accommodation

UCC sees number of under-graduates choosing dry lodgings increase sixfold

The number of students choosing to stay in alcohol-free accommodation at University College Cork (UCC) has increased sixfold, from six last year to 24 in 2014.

The increase has seen UCC’s campus accommodation department expand the scheme further by introducing a dedicated social programme as part of a move towards ‘wellbeing housing’.

Head of student experience at UCC, Dr Ian Pickup said: “As we welcome new and returning students to UCC, it is important to stress that we take their wellbeing, and our role in the local community, very seriously, as demonstrated by the variety of initiatives in place. I encourage students to enjoy their first week in UCC, but to also be respectful and mindful of those around them in the wider community, while also looking out for one another.”

UCC Students’ Union President Mark Stanton said: “In previous years a number of residents, including young families and older people, have been kept up by students and others returning from town late at night. This year, the message we are trying to send out to students is simple: ‘you wouldn’t like your grandparents were being kept up at night, so don’t do it to others’.

“We want students to stop and think about their neighbours during Freshers’ Week and throughout the whole year.”

Originally 48 students applied for alcohol-free accommodation in the new academic year, with this figure declining for a number of reasons. They included some simply changing their minds or not fully understanding the scheme.

Of the 16 females and eight males who did sign up, reasons included: a wish to to concentrate on study; didn’t want to live within an environment where alcohol would be present; or didn’t drink. Eight Irish are among those applying, with a mix of nations making up the rest, including France, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia, Austria and Canada.

Published: 9 September, 2014 at 16:28