Introducing … My CPD

Record Management App

The Faculty of Dentistry RCSI has announced the development of a new app for dentists to record, maintain and track their yearly CPD activities.

The app known as ‘My CPD’, enables dentists to effortlessly keep track of their professional development activities, even if they are constantly on-the-go.

With this app, dentists can store records of their CPD activities in one place. Not only does this eliminate the need to keep cumbersome paper records of every CPD activity, it also makes it easier for dentists to locate specific records at a later date.

Furthermore, ‘My CPD’ is integrated with official Faculty of Dentistry RCSI held events. Therefore if you have registered for and attended one of our events, you can easily add the approved CPD record to your profile. Users can also automatically add CPD records when accessing any of our online learning videos via the Faculty’s learning hub.

Access to ‘My CPD’ is available to all good standing RCSI Fellows, Members, Diplomates and Affiliates. We invite those who are not already members to become an Affiliate of the Faculty of Dentistry RCSI to gain access to the app.

The mobile version of the app is available to download via the Apple and Google stores. Desktop access is also available.


Published: 20 December, 2023 at 15:06