DNO filter technology explained

Purer Clean Air is a Scottish company specialising in medical grade air purifiers. Their researchers at Oxford University have developed medical grade DNO patented filter catalysts which ‘capture, kill and convert’ harmful airborne pollutants, including COVID-19.

This medical grade technology is called D-orbital Nano Oxide DNO multi-functional pollution removal technology. DNO is the most advanced technology on the market, combined with high performance filters, it can remove pollutants, bacteria, viruses and even some of the smallest pollutant and micron-level particles from the air.

Their filters capture, kill and convert particulate matter to levels of 0.003ɥm (microns) – the average COVID-19 particle is 0.12 microns, so their filters kill micron particulate matter (PM) 40 times smaller than COVID.

Why is capturing, killing and conversion of pollutants so important? Their medical grade integrated high-quality DNO filter, with five layers, traps particles via the primary layer, high-efficiency layers and nano-catalyst layers. Whether it is large particles such as floating dust in the air, or small micron-level harmful substances including bacteria and viruses, it can all be effectively captured and killed by our filters.

The high-efficiency DNO catalyst in the filter element decomposes various harmful gases such as nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, bacteria, virus (including COVID-19), formaldehyde, as well as odour from tobacco and alcohol.

The filter performance is more than eight times that of ordinary activated carbon filters. Any gas pollutants, bacteria and viruses will be captured by the HEPA 13 filter, killed and then converted by the DNO catalyst filters into invisible and harmless water, carbon dioxide and oxygen.

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Published: 26 August, 2021 at 08:44