Research awards for DDUH lecturers

The Rodney Dockrell Bursary Fund

Trinity College Dublin Ussher lecturers Dr Anna Shore and Dr Caoimhin Mac Giolla Phadraig have been announced as the recipients of the Rodney Dockrell Bursary Fund.

The bursaries, set up in honour of the former Dublin Dental School director who died in 2007, are awarded annually to Dublin Dental University staff to further their research work.

The award will allow microbiologist Dr Shore travel to international conferences in the US and France to present her work and that of colleagues from the microbiology laboratory at St James’s Hospital on MRSA.

The award was also presented to Dr Phadraig for his work around people with disabilities, most notably including them in the decision making process for dental services in Ireland. The bursary funded his visit to the International Association for Disability and Oral Health Congress in Berlin in October where he presented on 'What should dental services for people with disabilities be like?' The remainder of the award went towards a workshop on Realist Reviews in Liverpool.

Published: 17 February, 2015 at 18:09