Revealed: city’s cost

Dental work in Dublin can cost five times more than the same work carried out in rural areas a new survey finds

A survey has uncovered an urban-rual divide in the cost of dental treatment.

The study, conducted by the Irish Independent, featured 200 dentists in total and showed wide differences in pricing across the state.

A tooth can be filled for just €35 in Donegal, though if they do not live locally patients will have to calculate whether it is worth making the journey.

There is also a substantial variation in prices within the same areas. For example, a filling in Limerick, which is in the middle of the cost range, can vary between €70 and €120 depending on the practice chosen by the patient.

The city was found to be more expensive than Galway for treatment but less expensive than Cork. In general, western counties were cheaper for treatment than those in the east.

An issue remains when it comes to patients finding dentists to take them on in the first place, especially if they are relying on medical cards. The results of the study reflect the pressure that dental practices are under. Some 500 new dentists are needed annually, but just 200 are registering with the Dental Council.

The Irish Dental Association wants the Government to reform the medical card system and replace it with a fit-for-purpose scheme that better reflects modern dental practices and standards.

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Published: 12 September, 2022 at 00:45