Unregistered dentist flees the country

Illegal practice

A Hungarian dentist who had been previously struck off in the UK and his native Hungary has reportedly fled the country after it was discovered he wasn’t registered to practice in Ireland as well.

Koppany Kiss, who set up the Dental Magic clinic in Dublin’s Spencer Dock last year, was struck off by the General Dental Council in 2006 after he was charged with 38 counts of misconduct relating to eight patients at a practice in Peterborough.

Among the complaints were allegations that he pulled out healthy teeth, charged patients for treatment not carried out, as well as missing cases of periodontal disease and caries. He was also reported to have told one patient who complained of pain during treatment that he had “too many NHS patients to be gentle”.

David O’Flynn, the Dental Council’s registrar, said: “The issue is that the Dental Council can only uphold complaints against registered dentists – we do not monitor dental clinics as under the 1985 Dentists Act, anyone can set up a surgery without registering.”

“As Mr Kiss was never registered, or ever tried to register, with the Dental Council, his activities have gone unnoticed until now.”

Dr Gregg Barry whose Docklands Dental practice is round the corner from the now closed Dental Magic, said: “We are saddened by the actions allegedly taken by Mr Kiss of Dental Magic, as they damage the dental profession in the eyes of the public and undermine the efforts of other clinics endeavouring to provide high-quality care and service to their patients.

“As the legislation governing dentists dates back to 1985, it is understandable how this incident was allowed happen, and it does not go far enough in protecting the public. Considering this recent revelation, we hope to see this legislation changed soon.”

Published: 12 June, 2015 at 15:41