Demonstrating targeted prophylaxis

In interactive display from iTero helps practitioners learn more about the product range

Innovative approaches are evolving for specialist areas of practise

The forthcoming International Dental Show (IDS), running from 14 to 18 March 2023 in Cologne, will feature a comprehensive overview of targeted prophylaxis. While brushing teeth is accepted as the basis of good oral care, the show is posing the question: “What can one do beyond that to ensure the health of the teeth and gums?”

The pandemic has put a renewed focus on mouthwashes. A study carried out by researchers at the Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 found that their use can reduce the risk of viral infections (by 71 per cent after a single rinse). IDS 2023 will feature an overview of products and the current state of scientific knowledge.

In addition to the trusted methods of preventing tooth decay, innovative approaches are evolving for specialist areas of practise, for example in the field of orthodontics. Oral care can be difficult when braces are in place. Fluoride varnish offers additional support here. Based on current studies, in the case of initial lesions a better effect can be achieved when it is applied in combination with the peptide P11-4.

Domestic oral care is best enhanced by professional measures – in the form of supragingival and, where necessary, subgingival measures. Here, mechanised processes have established themselves (i.e., ultrasound, sonar and powder jet devices), because the patients often find them more comfortable than when hand instruments are used.

In the case of powder jet devices there are variable opportunities, for example glycine powder for cleaning more sensitive root surfaces underneath the edge of the gum or in deep, inflamed gingival pockets, sodium hydrogen carbonate for stubborn stains on the intact enamel of heavy smokers.

Diet – and expedient supplements, especially probiotics – could play a more significant role in the future. The thinking is that if the human immune system can no longer prevent harmful bacteria from penetrating the body via the teeth due to unfavourable individual circumstances, such as “patient smokes” and/or “immune-compromised patient”, then health-promoting bacteria could be introduced, in the form of probiotics.

Probiotic strains (i.e., from types of lactobacilli and streptococci, bifidobacteria as well as the beer yeast, saccharomyces cervisiae var. boulardii) can then help prevent potentially pathogenic bacteria (i.e., porphyromonas gingivalis, tannerella forsythia and treponema denticola) from escalating.

The event will also provide information on how oral flora can be kept in balance with the aid of probiotics in various dosage forms. The aim is to provide a success-securing enhancement to brushing one’s teeth regularly.

“… in addition to the trusted concepts, I am expecting different innovative solutions in the section of domestic and professional oral care.”

Mark Stephen Pace, Chairman of the Association of German Dental Manufacturers

In the case of a temporary restriction of adequate domestic oral care (e.g., after a serious illness), in the case of permanent clearly suboptimal domestic oral care (e.g., “patient simply doesn’t manage more”) or in the case of a constant, non-correctable proneness to inflammation, the patient would benefit to a strong degree.

Probiotics can also significantly promote wound healing after professional periodontal prophylactic measures (e.g., scaling and root planning) and reduce the probing depths.

“We know that in the case of two main oral diseases, tooth decay and periodontitis, the prophylactic measures are far-reaching,” said Mark Stephen Pace, Chairman of the Association of the German Dental Manufacturers. “So, in addition to the trusted concepts, I am expecting different innovative solutions in the section of domestic and professional oral care. The dental industry needs to think ahead here and develop ideas.

“At IDS in Cologne, we will also be celebrating 100 years of the show. This is going to be a particularly forward-looking event for our entire community and particularly for the developments in dental prophylaxis – perhaps with an odd extra innovation to commemorate the anniversary.”

IDS takes place in Cologne every two years and is organised by the GFDI Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Dental-Industrie mbH, the commercial enterprise of the Association of German Dental Manufacturers (VDDI). It is staged by the Koelnmesse GmbH, Cologne.

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Published: 16 December, 2022 at 16:34
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