Dental Council publishes new codes

Ireland’s Dental Council has published three new codes covering medical emergencies in the dental setting, conscious sedation and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

The Code of Practice regarding the Management of Medical Emergencies within the Practice of Dentistry is a new code and it is of special note as it will apply to all dental surgeries in Ireland.  The Code of Practice regarding Dental Conscious Sedation and the Code of Practice regarding Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures are revisions of previous guides issued by the council.

Medical emergencies1

This is a new code, and it sets out the medications and equipment that all dental surgeries should have should a medical emergency arise in a dental setting. The code also sets out the required training for staff should, and the risk assessment and quality assurance measures that all practices should undertake on a regular basis. This is an important code and is relevant for all dental surgeries.

Conscious sedation2

This code replaces the Dental Council’s 2005 guidance on sedation and anaesthesia. This code provides guidance on training necessary to safely administer sedation, the requirements for dental surgeries where treatment under sedation is occurring, and guidance patient pathway for treatment provided under sedation.

Cosmetic procedures3

This code replaces the Dental Council’s 2013 guidance. The main change is the removal of the statement that the council does not regard non-surgical cosmetic procedures as the practice of dentistry.  This reflects the reality that a growing number of dentists are safely providing these treatments to their patients, and it removes any ambiguity regarding the council’s ability to consider complaints from patients concerning these treatments under its fitness to practise process.


Published: 22 June, 2023 at 09:36