Dentistry reaches a wider audience

Dublin specialist periodontist Richard Lee Kin has highlighted the importance of integrating oral health into the Irish health agenda after dentistry was included at the Future Health Summit for the first time.

The summit, which has been running for the last 14 years, has grown to become one of the major events for healthcare in Ireland, with more than 3,000 delegates, 160 speakers and 140 exhibitors in attendance. In 2016, Richard became the first dentist to speak at the event, talking about the significance of oral health as an integral, not separate, part of healthcare and well being.

As a result he was asked to put together a programme for an oral health symposium to become part of the 2017 summit.

He said: “The symposium’s aim was simple- to raise awareness of oral and dental health and to highlight the importance of the role of dentists, and indeed all of those working in one of the most inhospitable and challenging environments – namely the mouth.

“This was incredibly challenging and there were many, many organisations present that were oblivious and who are now engaged. I hope that this is another step forward.”

He continued: “We cannot underestimate the critical importance of integrating oral health into the Irish health agenda. The long-term sustainable strategy for Irish oral health should focus on health promotion and disease prevention through effective multidisciplinary teamwork. It is only through these sustained efforts that we can hope to influence change.”

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Published: 1 June, 2017 at 09:19