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David Murnaghan, principal dentist of the Boyne Dental & Implant Clinic, on how to find the best educational experience for the whole dental team working within the implant field


What should dentists and their teams look for when trying to choose the best educational route for their needs?

David: They should consider how relevant a course is for them and whether it has the potential to impact clinical or business aspects of their practice positively. Can they relate to the educator and the environment, so that they go back to their own practice filled with confidence?


Why do you think it is important for teams to attend training/educational events together?

David: It is good for all team members to get the ‘bug’ and excitement from a new treatment offering together. Patients can feel when everyone is on board, helping to build rapport and treatment acceptance, plus team input from the start can help and encourage the clinician during those all-important, confidence-building initial cases.


What are the key skills needed to successfully integrate implants as a treatment option into a practice?

David: Confidence is a major differentiator when it comes to integrating implants within a practice successfully. Having the required surgical skills to perform safe, pain-free surgery is, of course, key, as is knowing your limits so that clinicians – and the patients – don’t have bad experiences.


Why and how does mentoring have such an important part to play in implantology?

David: Mentoring helps hugely with confidence. Knowing that someone can hold your hand initially and then be at the end of a phone makes all the difference.


How significant a part does the lab play in successful outcomes? 

David: It is imperative to have a good relationship and to be able to pick up a phone to your technician, especially at the start, as they may be able to help with getting you out of any trouble if implant placement is not 100%.


What motivated you to create the Boyne Dental Implant Year Course?

David: Many people have asked me over the years where the best course is, and what I recommend. I was therefore aware of the gap in the area; the course I did with Raj Patel is not available anymore, so I thought I would attempt to replicate it as closely as possible due to the wonderful experience I had.


How does it differ from others in the educational marketplace?

David: Delegates will see more live surgery and get more of an opportunity to do hands-on implant dentistry. I believe this is the best way to learn. It will also give the clinicians an opportunity to see how Boyne Dental has integrated the treatment and grown it within
a short time frame.


So, why not develop your career today and start offering dental implants within your practice with Boyne Dental and BioHorizons?

If you would like further details about the Boyne Dental Implant Year Course 2018, which starts in September and runs until May 2019, please visit

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Published: 4 May, 2018 at 11:01
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