Homecoming for Cork Professor

Former Cardiff consultant returns to Cork

Cork graduate Chris Lynch has returned home after more than a decade in the UK to take up a post as professor of restorative dentistry at UCC.

Chris graduated in 1999 and, following a year in general practice in the UK, he returned to Cork for the first time to take up a senior house officer post in 200ı. He completed his specialist training and was then appointed senior lecturer and consultant in restorative dentistry at Cardiff University in 2006. In 2007, he successfully defended his PhD, on aspects of the microstructural arrangements within human enamel.

At Cardiff he became head of prosthodontics in 2011 as well as head of the learning and scholarship department for more than three years. In 2013, he was promoted to a readership by Cardiff University, and in 2015 he received a promotion to professor of restorative dentistry and dental education.

Chris has also published a textbook on Successful posterior composites and has been recognised with awards such as the ‘Award of Excellence in Dental Education’ from the Association for Dental Education in Europe, and Fellowships from the American College of Dentists, the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK), the Academy of Dental Materials and the International College of Dentists.

He is also the current editor-in-chief of the Journal of Dentistry.

Published: 27 February, 2017 at 13:53