Life beyond SDR: event for GDPs in Northern Ireland

The event ‘Life beyond the SDR’1, organised by the British Dental Association, aims to empower practitioners to take control of their dental careers, and the professional development and business model that is most suited to them.

With a backdrop of immense pressures in Health Service dentistry, and a shift in the dental landscape following the COVID-19 pandemic, the BDA is encouraging practitioners to take a day out of practice to invest in their dental futures. Applying a key focus to the business side of dentistry, it will be equally relevant to associates at all career stages and to practice owners. 

The day is designed to inform, to challenge and to provide access to the sector’s best advice; there will be expertise to help delegates to take stock, and more importantly to start to make informed, purposeful decisions about how they can move their careers and dental businesses forward.   

The multi-session event acknowledges the recent growth in the private dental market. It will also help those practitioners who may be interested in transitioning towards private practice navigate the process.  It will also update delegates on the latest developments in relation to General Dental Service contract reform as the BDA seeks to ensure the profession is as fully informed as possible. 

Headline speaker Dr Kevin Lewis, Special Consultant, BDA Indemnity, will guide delegates through the business of dentistry approach, complemented by case studies of local practice owners who have recently made a shift into private dentistry. Associates will benefit from real-life experiences and insights on career development and ‘knowing your worth’.

A spokesperson for the BDA said: “We are delighted at the line-up of highly respected speakers we have secured – from Kevin Lewis to well-known economist Richard Ramsey and a showcase of contributors from our own expert solicitors and consultants and policy makers. A number of our NI Dental Practice Committee representatives will add value to proceedings.  

“It’s time for a battered and bruised profession to take stock and take action. So, pencil in the 20 October and invest the day with peers to consider if there is an approach you can take to improve your work/life balance, your financial goals and the happiness and wellbeing of your dental team, your patients and yourself.”


Published: 22 June, 2023 at 10:00