Overjet releases student tech

Overjet, the dental artificial intelligence (AI) platform, has released ‘Overjet for Educators’ which allows students to learn from the same technology dentists use to analyse X-rays, inform patients and manage their practice.

Overjet for Educators relies on the only AI technology that is FDA-cleared to detect, outline and quantify oral diseases in X-rays. It was created by a team of leading dentists and state-of-the-art machine learning models, which were trained on millions of X-rays to achieve unprecedented precision.

Overjet lets educators show students the exact size and shape of pathologies like tooth decay, anatomical structures like enamel, and restorations such as crowns.

“Dental AI is already improving oral health for millions of patients, since it gives providers and insurers the first objective standard for dental care,” said Wardah Inam, Overjet’s chief executive. “Our team is very excited to see top universities now embracing this technology to shape the next generation of oral health leaders.”

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Published: 8 July, 2024 at 09:23