Praise for retiring UCC dental dean

Staff, students and colleagues have paid tribute to Professor Martin Kinirons after he retired from his position as dean of Cork Dental School recently.

Prof Kinirons, who has also stepped down as professor of paediatric dentistry, has been at UCC since 2003 and was appointed dean in 20ı3. During his time in Cork, Prof Kinirons built up the clinical research output in his discipline and co-supervised a large number of students in Masters, MPhil and PhD level.

He is an internationally recognised authority on dental trauma and has collaborated, researched and published internationally. He has also been awarded more than 20 funded research grants over his career in the UK and Ireland.

Prof Kinirons integrated the disciplines of dental public health, orthodontics, preventive and paediatric dentistry under the umbrella of oral health and development and has seen the growth of a holistic, team-based approach to oral health.

A spokesman for UCC said: “Prof Kinirons’ leadership style as dental dean was characterised by a broad-based consensual approach. It was underpinned by a clear focus on his vision for the Dental School. Notable achievements include two successful quality reviews, an increased recruitment of overseas students, progress in the funding model for the dental school and bilateral agreements with dental schools in Europe and North America.

“Prof Kinirons’ most significant achievement has been his positive impact on the morale and collegiality of the staff and students at the dental school. This is a reflection of his vision, empathy and personal warmth.

“His leadership enabled and facilitated others to achieve their full potential.

“Prof Kinirons will be greatly missed by all of his colleagues, students and patients. We wish him a happy and fulfilling retirement.”

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Published: 15 December, 2017 at 16:06