Technology in the laboratory

Sean Rush describes how the art of the technician has been aided by new technology

I have been raving about technology in dentistry for ages, writes Sean Rush, probably since I first saw a milling machine on Tomorrow’s World a few years ago. Since then, I knew things would have to change, but it has taken longer than I thought to reach us here in Ireland.

Even though technology has been gradually increasing it has become more evident over the last few years that milling technology is becoming more accessible here in Ireland.

At Sean Rush Dental Lab we have been preparing for this since we first opened our doors for business. I knew we had to embrace the latest technology. For years dentistry in Ireland was not always able to cope with the volume of work and there was a feeling that things were probably being done better elsewhere. While this was not true, the investment in labs and the upgrades that have been made have helped to change this perception.

Since attending my first trade show, I have seen the different technology become more a part of everyday use in labs. I’ve dreamed of installing a scanner or milling machine in the lab ever since they become more accessible. After finally deciding that I had to go for it, I carried out research and obtained lots of advice on all the different scanners that were available. Also, by this time it was possible to try out various scanners for a free trial period.

However, after hearing all the spin and numerous sales pitches, I decided that the Etkon Scanner offered the best options. This would keep the lab at the cutting-edge of technology for years. The ease of use with magic results is amazing. Thanks to this new technology, we now have, in Ireland, a service to match anywhere else in the world.

As a full service lab we now have the capability of producing all types of work in–house, from the simplest repair to a complex combination implant case, ensuring satisfied clients with happy patients.

Published: 8 September, 2010 at 00:11
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