Teledentistry advances bring straighter teeth direct to patient

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The process of getting straighter teeth can be a daunting prospect to patients, particularly those who previously had metal braces in their childhood and don’t feel comfortable going through that process again. Add into the equation the shift to a world where we are living our lives online, travelling frequently and are used to receiving everything instantaneously and the traditional process of getting braces is not an attractive option.

Cosmetic dental company Your Smile Direct is working to change that by bringing cutting-edge orthodontic technology directly to consumers. Focusing on minor or moderate concerns like gaps, crookedness and overcrowding, Your Smile Direct uses clear aligners to straighten teeth in an average of 20 weeks. The aim is to make straight teeth more accessible and more affordable for customers worldwide.

The process is simple; following a free 30-second smile evaluation taken on their website, customers can choose between a brief 30-minute visit to one of Your Smile Direct’s Smile Clinics to get a 3D scan taken, or ordering a Home Smile Kit to create their dental impressions themselves from the comfort of home.

Clinics are currently based in Glasgow, Dublin, London, Manchester, and Paris. A personal 3D treatment plan is then created by a registered and licensed in-house dentist and put into place for each customer. Once the customer is happy with the suggested treatment, custom-made aligners are delivered straight to their door.

Your Smile Direct has a dedicated smile care team on hand, which includes in-house licensed dentists across six countries, through every stage of the process to make the process as smooth, safe and timely as possible for patients. They are available by phone, email or social media to answer any questions clients may have about treatment before starting. At the click of a button they can be on the way to achieving their perfect smile. Treatment costs £1,399 upfront or 36 monthly payments of £41 with a £185 deposit. This includes a final retainer sent at the end of treatment that helps maintain the results.

With customers embracing technology and seeking greater value and convenience, innovation continues to thrive.

The technology is advancing, the expertise of the professionals involved is progressing and the processes are being streamlined to offer the customers the best service possible. 

Please visit their website and social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, for more information.

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Published: 3 September, 2018 at 07:30
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