ASM registration opens

The programme for the RCSI Faculty of Dentistry’s Annual Scientific Meeting, entitled “Risk: identification, management and consequences in dental practice” has been announced.

Registration for the event, which takes place in Dublin on 3 and 4 November, will feature a stellar line-up of speakers from the UK and Ireland including Raj Rattan, dental director of Dental Protection, and Aubrey Craig, head of dental division at MDDUS. Raj will be talking about the high-risk specialties in Ireland and Aubrey about the high-risk specialites in the UK.

There will also be sessions on paediatrics, orthodontics and periodontics as well as infection control and record keeping.

Former Dental Council president Eamon Croke will present a session on “The Dental Council of Ireland and you”, before talks on “Healing the healer”, oral surgery, endodontics oral anticoagulants and aesthetic dentistry.

To find out more and to register, visit

Published: 27 June, 2017 at 15:50