• Promoting, preserving and protecting

    Dr Maura Haran, president of the ISDH, highlights the importance of the general dental team in providing care for people with disabilities and the society’s role in supporting this

  • Achieving full coverage

    Evelina Kratunova, BDentSc, MFD(RCSI), DCh Dent, FFD(RCSI), and Anne C O’Connell, BA, BDentSc, MS, describe how to achieve full coronal coverage in primary molar restorations

  • Considerations for aesthetic anterior crowns

    Dr Tom Canning demonstrates the techniques and factors that need to be considered when dealing with patients’ high expectations in aesthetic cases

  • Project SMILE Ireland: the next step

    All dental services should aim for a quality experience, for everyone, explains Dublin-based special care dentist Kev Mac Giolla Phadraig

  • Looking for the green shoots

    Economic experts are forecasting dramatic improvements in the Irish economy, but is the dental economy on the up as well?

  • Hidden Values

    Brid Hendron explains how values affect your working life and, how understanding your values and those of your colleagues, can contribute to a happier workplace

  • Flexible procedures

    Simple prosthetic solutions in complex cases for a successful overdenture by Dr Emiliano Ferrari and Gianni Storni

  • Lessons from the north

    Elaine Fugard looks at attaining best practice with local decontamination in dentistry

  • Management of the open apex

    By Robert Smyth and Bob Philpott

  • Time-saving advantages

    Dr Melanie Elger describes the modern method for fissure sealing and minimally invasive restorations using Constic, DMG’s new self-adhesive flowable composite

  • To sedate or not to sedate

    A sneak peak into the world of sedation by one of Ireland’s leading consultant anaesthetists Dr Michael Carey

  • A fantastic experience

    QUB graduate John Haughey was part of the dental team at this summer’s XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

  • The Dental Den

    Hygienist Kellie O’Shaughnessy describes her award-wining oral health programme aimed at reducing childhood caries

  • A fluoridation revolution?

    Journalist Gerry Byrne explains why he is taking a stand against the anti-fluoridation lobby

  • Lifelong learning

    Ireland’s Dental magazine columnist Paul O’Dwyer on his education adventure