• Achieving full coverage

    Evelina Kratunova, BDentSc, MFD(RCSI), DCh Dent, FFD(RCSI), and Anne C O’Connell, BA, BDentSc, MS, describe how to achieve full coronal coverage in primary molar restorations

  • Considerations for aesthetic anterior crowns

    Dr Tom Canning demonstrates the techniques and factors that need to be considered when dealing with patients’ high expectations in aesthetic cases

  • Project SMILE Ireland: the next step

    All dental services should aim for a quality experience, for everyone, explains Dublin-based special care dentist Kev Mac Giolla Phadraig

  • Looking for the green shoots

    Economic experts are forecasting dramatic improvements in the Irish economy, but is the dental economy on the up as well?

  • Hidden Values

    Brid Hendron explains how values affect your working life and, how understanding your values and those of your colleagues, can contribute to a happier workplace

  • Flexible procedures

    Simple prosthetic solutions in complex cases for a successful overdenture by Dr Emiliano Ferrari and Gianni Storni

  • Lessons from the north

    Elaine Fugard looks at attaining best practice with local decontamination in dentistry

  • Management of the open apex

    By Robert Smyth and Bob Philpott

  • Time-saving advantages

    Dr Melanie Elger describes the modern method for fissure sealing and minimally invasive restorations using Constic, DMG’s new self-adhesive flowable composite

  • To sedate or not to sedate

    A sneak peak into the world of sedation by one of Ireland’s leading consultant anaesthetists Dr Michael Carey

  • A fantastic experience

    QUB graduate John Haughey was part of the dental team at this summer’s XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

  • The Dental Den

    Hygienist Kellie O’Shaughnessy describes her award-wining oral health programme aimed at reducing childhood caries

  • A fluoridation revolution?

    Journalist Gerry Byrne explains why he is taking a stand against the anti-fluoridation lobby

  • Lifelong learning

    Ireland’s Dental magazine columnist Paul O’Dwyer on his education adventure

  • Upper and lower reconstruction

    Dr Jerome P Sullivan presents an upper and lower full arch dental reconstruction with implant supported over-dentures with a special focus on the rehabilitation of the maxilla using a bilateral ridge-splitting technique with a combined Summers lift technique