• Comfortably numb

    Dr Laura Fee explores the controversies surrounding local anaesthetics and the medically complex patient

  • Pathophysiology of snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea

    An increasing number of dentists are managing sleep-related breathing disorders as a result of awareness of the role they can play in improving the quality of life of patients who suffer with this debilitating disease. What are its causes and consequences?

  • Academic, relevant and controversial

    Dr Sean Malone explains what makes the RCSI Dental Faculty’s Annual Scientific Meeting special and what attendees can expect to gain from the 2015 event

  • Straight talker

    When his involvement with the hugely successful Smiles chain of dental practices ended, orthodontist Hugh Bradley embarked on another challenge in Donnybrook

  • Alternative aesthetics

    The use of bulk fill materials appear to provide the advantages of an aesthetic material with less sensitive placement, offering a real alternative to amalgam in posterior restorations

  • Part 2 Pixel perfect

    Quality Assurance and the digital image – are you getting your 256 shades of grey?

  • Aesthetic orthodontic brackets Are they all the same?

    Preet Bhogal compares and contrasts the advantages and disadvantages of various aesthetic labial brackets on the market

  • Helping the children of Chernobyl

    Galway dentist Cíara Houlihan travelled to Belarus recently with humanitarian aid agency Adi Roche’s Chernobyl Children International. Here, she describes her experience

  • Pixel perfect

    Barbara Lamb explores the issues that need to be considered in producing high-quality digital images in dental practice

  • Canal cleaning

    A review of the role of irrigation in contemporary root canal treatment by Adrian JA Stewart BDS, PG Dip Endo (UCL), MSc

  • Kingdom of her own

    Every morning dentist Dr Rachel King walks into her new practice in her home city with pride.

  • Dentistry’s white-collar crime

    In his second article on dental provider fraud, Dr Liam Lynch looks at the reasons dentists commit fraud and what can be done to counter it

  • The Moderniser

    As she works on updating Ireland’s national Oral Health Policy, Dr Dympna Kavanagh, Ireland’s Chief Dental Officer, has a message for the dental profession – ‘get involved and make it your own’

  • Achieving optimal aesthetic results

    Non-prep veneers continue to be one of the biggest challenges in aesthetic veneering treatment because they demand a high degree of intensive diagnosis, optimal conditions, clear communication and dental technology of outstanding quality.

  • American style

    South Dublin practice is refurbished with ergonomics, neutral colours and a clean, minimalist style as its top priorities